ColbyCo Painting provides power washing services on deck surfaces, siding, concrete, restaurant hood vents, equipment, steel structures, warehouse floors, etc… Our most impressive machine sprays hot and cold water at 4,500 psi which will be sure to eliminate heavy grease, stains, and more.

Deck and Patio Power Washing Services

The deck or patio is the pride of the exterior of many homes. The deck or patio is the place where the family will spend countless spring and summer nights enjoying the outdoors while hosting a get-together with their friends and families. Thus, with all the use that it will be getting, it is vital that a deck or patio gets the proper care so that it holds up for years to come.

ColbyCo Painting is not just there to paint the interior and exterior of homes, though this is what people mainly think of when they hear the name of the company. They can come to your home and make sure that your deck or patio is painted with the proper protectant and sealant in order to ensure that it holds up for years to come.

Most people wonder if sealants and protectant are really necessary. The answer is yes. No matter what kind of wood you use, the use of these finishes on the deck or patio is a great way to make sure that structure holds up. The protectant will allow for much easier clean-up, usually only requiring the use of a water hose and a wet cloth, when there are things that are spilled on the deck or patio. Sealants and protectant keep foreign substances from sinking down into the wood and discoloring it, which is an eyesore for the homeowners.

Secondly, by using the proper sealants and protectant on the deck or patio, the homeowner ensures the long life of the wood. Too often, the wind, sun, rain, pests and other elements found in nature will slowly erode the wood of a deck or patio, despite the person having built the structure out of wood that was supposed to withstand the elements.

When the proper care and products are not applied to the deck or patio, a homeowner can expect to replace their deck in a few years, meaning more money out of their pocket in the long run. This can be avoided by having a painting company like ColbyCo Painting come out to make sure that these problems will not affect your deck or patio.