Whether the request is for track homes fewer than 1,500 sq. feet or custom homes with elaborate millwork and custom mouldings exceeding 9,000 square feet ColbyCo Painting is committed to deliver quality work, competitive rates and excellent service. We are dedicated to making sure your pre-sold or spec home exceeds industry standards.

New Construction Painting Services

When someone is constructing a new building, whether it be a new home or a new business, there are many decisions that need to be made. For example, there are choices to be made about building materials and so forth. However, once the structure is complete and the person is starting to work on the details of the newly constructed property, one of the most important decisions that needs to be made is the paint job .

When it comes to the paint job that the building or house is going to need, the builder of the home or business is going to be the decision maker about what color scheme to use, as well as whether the paint needs to have a shine or be flat. All of these decisions must be taken into consideration because they can make the interior or the exterior appear different and may or may not appeal to those who will be purchasing the property for their personal or professional use.

When looking for painters to complete a job, people have one of two ways in which they can go. For one, they could hire individual people to complete the job. However, when doing this, they risk that the job will not be up to the standards that they would have hoped because each painter who works alone has a different way of doing things. If you get too many individuals working together who have different styles, then you are going to come across quite a few problems with the job getting completed in the way you want it to be done.

The other option, and the one that most people should consider, is to hire a painting company that can dedicate as many workers to the job as it needs in order to get done. ColbyCo Painting has locations that can cater to every area and offer the high-quality service that people expect when they are working with a new construction job, without all the problems that many people experience with hiring individual painters to complete the task at hand.