• Estimate

    Schedule a free quote then we will come to your location and analyze the scope of work. Or if you have a blue print, drawings or detailed scope of work we can provide a quote without the need for a site visit. We provide an indication of time frame needed to complete the project, discuss scheduling and provide youwith labor and material costs prior to engaging in our services. 
  • Colors

    Once you hire us for your project we will work together with you to select the perfect colors for your project. Typically, we start out by bringing samples to your project location then at that point can narrow down selections that will work well with your flooring, fixtures and content. After we have several ideas in mind, then we will apply the samples so that we can make certain that we choose the right colors. Since the color swatches can be deceiving and paint looks different depending on lighting and other variables, the color samples are essential to guaranteeing the perfect selections.
  • Preparation and Application. 

    All permanent fixtures of your project will be masked and protected at all times. Content will be moved as needed then returned to it’s original location upon completion. Fixtures will be detached, cleaned then re-set as needed. All surfaces are cleaned, prepped/repaired as needed, primed then typically a two coat application process is standard. 
  • Completion. 

    Internally we have a rigorous inspection process which includes thorough cleaning of the areas that we performed our services. Once we are completed with our process then we will complete a walk through with our client and address any potential areas of concern that they may have. 
  • Warranty. 

    Interior projects we will stand behind our workmanship for the lifetime that you are in your home (this excludes wear and tear). For exterior projects we offer a fiver year warranty. We stand behind our manufacturer’s product warranties.

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