Site Preparation Interior. 

We will mask and protect all permanent fixtures of your project to include flooring, fixtures and content. We will move your furnishings around as needed then back to their original location upon completion.  Once everything is covered and protected then we detach fixtures as needed, clean the fixtures then re-set them upon completion. 

Surface Preparation Interior. 

We clean all surfaces to remove all dirt and debris. We repair all imperfections in the drywall to include nail pops, cracks, holes, etc… For ceiling repairs, we will texture the effected area (s) to match the existing ceiling surface. On trim and door surfaces we will ensure that all of the proper caulking is in order prior to the application process. 

Interior Applications. 

We spot prime all repaired areas. We apply two finish coats to all surfaces


Upon completion of the painting we will clean all areas in which we performed our services, do a walk through with our client to make certain we have delivered 100% satisfaction then warranty our work which ensures long-term peace of mind that quality of your project is above industry standards.